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Who are we?

What began as a few qualified and passionate individuals has now grown into a 50 person large team with family values at its core. With teams across Southern Queensland and New South Wales, we have been fortunate enough to help thousands of Australians ‘save with solar’. For us there is no better feeling than hearing someone is making money from their solar, or that their power bill is down $300 from what it was before solar installation.

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty that lies around the solar industry, and believe us, those cowboy fly by nighters frustrate us too. They stop people from achieving energy freedom for fear of being ripped off. So please let us know if you have any questions, or if you want to check the information another company has provided. Our mission is to remove the fear and uncertainty around solar and shine a light on the savings possibilities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to allow families to own their energy freedom; for Australians to take control over the way their electricity is generated and paid for by making what can be a complicated process very simple. Our experts won’t bore you with technical jargon, but instead guide you towards the best result for your property and energy needs.

Energy Freedom is but a click away!

Head Office:

1300 815 296

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1/9 Ford Road, Coomera, QLD Australia

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