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Commercial Solar is a match made in heaven!

Most businesses primarily use energy during daylight hours, making them the perfect candidate for solar energy.

While solar has many benefits, let’s be honest, the most commonly sought-after is financially motivated. Most commercial businesses run a 9am to 5pm schedule; most of the energy required during this time can be drawn directly from a solar system. This generally leads to a very impressive return on investment. 

Due to the varying scale of energy usage between businesses, the solution to each business’ energy needs is as unique as they are. Commercial properties can often require varying sized panels, depending on how the building is structured – we highly recommend sitting down with one of our experts. In this meeting they’ll be able to inspect the property, provide a roof map for the property and run you through your potential savings with each system. 

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With decades of experience in the Solar Industry, we have  been trusted by over 1,000 Australian Businesses to solve their energy needs.

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We ensure that each system is designed specifically for that business' budget, energy usage, location, and sustainability goals.

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Industry Range

We have access to over 140 Solar brands, so we're guaranteed to find the right system for you, regardless of your industry. Whether its retail or manufacturing, we can help you increase your bottom line with Solar.

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Payment Options

Our 'Green Energy Savings Plan' lets you find the best fit for your business. With no up front payment, no payments for 3 months the savings start immediately.

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