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Solar energy battery solutions

Solar battery systems are in growing demand; offering the promise of self-sufficient energy and ample storage for night time usage (system depending). It’s not hard to see why 21% of Australians have already made the switch to Solar.

In the past, the total investment required to take advantage of these systems has held homeowners back. However, as time has passed, prices have started to plummet and in recent years the number of households opting to install these battery systems has risen dramatically.

The new generation of solar energy storage is more cost-effective, streamlined, and better looking. With the ability to “plug and play” or “set-and-forget”, solar battery power is becoming increasingly common in solar households and smart-homes around Australia.

A common concern is that the return on investment may still be a few years away. Our response to that is: you might be surprised. The return on investment for homeowners is heavily dependent on the property’s energy needs, usage and the current tariff rates available in the area. Our recommendation would be to reach out so we can provide a proper cost-benefit analysis.

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Our installers hold all of the necessary accreditations required for the installation of solar PV systems.

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