Everything you need to know about the Solar Rebate! [When does it stop, who qualifies?]

Everything you need to know about the Solar Rebate! [When does it stop, who qualifies?]

When can I get the rebate?

The rebate only applies to new systems or adding additional panels to your existing system. If you currently have solar you can’t claim the rebate for those existing panels.

Do I get a cheque in the mail?

No, the money from the rebate doesn’t go to you directly, it’s used by your solar provider to reduce the cost of your system. This is also why you cannot claim the rebate for an existing system, as it would have already been factored into the cost of that system prior to installation. If you are unsure, call your original installer to confirm. 


Who can get the rebate? 

The rebate is on a location basis not per person. If you own more than one property you can get the rebate for each property. 

You are able to get solar on investment properties even if they are currently rented, bear in mind though you will potentially be providing your renters with free power. Obviously opening the door to a conversation with your tenants about raising their rent to compensate. This is what deters some solar companies from providing payment plans, as under these circumstances the benefit to you is less. Solar has been proven to increase a home’s sale value so if your objective is to eventually sell, this could be a great benefit.


What do you actually need to qualify?

You’ve probably seen this information in varying forms splattered across social media and advertised everywhere. You may have even filled your information in once or twice – we thought it was time to answer the key question:


How do I qualify for the solar rebate?!

As mentioned you can get solar on any property you own; it can be commercial or residential, this is the only true requirement. 


The reason your bill amount plays into it is to make sure if you choose to utilise a payment plan that it’s going to be financially beneficial for you. We recommend a bill over $250 per quarter. Another stipulation of the payment plan is that the applicants be under 75 years of age. This ensures there will be financial benefit to the individual.

If you’re interested in paying for solar up front and don’t care about the impacts to your bill, as long as you own the property you qualify.


Will the rebate end?

Unfortunately, yes. The rebate is set to finish in 2030, it has been decreasing in value each year since it began. Originally the rebate was over $8,000, it now sits at around half that amount. Which could mean the longer you wait to claim it the less money towards your system you’ll get.


Is the rebate just for solar?

As it is a renewable energy rebate you don’t have to use it exclusively for solar. Any of the following small-scale renewable systems may be eligible:

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydro systems
  • Solar Water heaters
  • Air source heat pumps.


What now?

Government websites you can visit for more information here and here.

If you have any more questions rebate or solar related give us a call 1300 815 296.

Let’s get your bills down!

Jasmine Tennant

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